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At our workshop, we understand that your Toyota BJ40 is more than just a vehicle – it's a piece of history and a symbol of adventure. That's why we take great care to preserve the classic look and feel of these vehicles, while also incorporating modern upgrades to improve their performance and reliability. Whether you're looking to restore your BJ40 for daily use or as a showpiece, we're here to help you achieve your vision.

Adventure Awaits: Get Behind the Wheel of the Legendary Toyota BJ40

​Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with the Reliable and Capable Toyota BJ40

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Restoration Services

  • Complete vehicle overhauls using high-quality parts and techniques

  • Engine rebuilds, transmission repairs, and suspension upgrades

  • Bodywork, including rust repair, paint and panel replacement

  • Electrical system repairs and upgrades

  • Interior restoration, including seat reupholstery and carpet replacement

  • Classic and modern upgrades to improve performance and reliability

Unrestored Vehicles

  • Original and well-preserved BJ40 vehicles for sale

  • Great option for those who want to restore their BJ40 themselves or for collectors looking for a unique and authentic piece

Custom-made Options

  • Creation of one-of-a-kind BJ40 vehicles to meet specific needs and personal style

  • Assistance from our team of experts in creating a unique and personalized vehicle

  • Options for daily drivers, off-road rigs, or showpieces

  • Upgrade and customization options, such as engine swaps and suspension lifts

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